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Stats Rundown: 4 numbers from a Dallas Mavericks loss to the Chicago Bulls

The Mavericks fall to 7-4 on the year

Dallas Mavericks v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Dallas Mavericks stumbled often enough in their road match up with the Chicago Bulls that they fell Wednesday night, 117-107. It was what I’d qualify as an annoying loss. I suspect only the most intensely positive Dallas fans expected a Maverick win, but given how they’d looked since the loss to the Miami Heat, a fight is what most of us wanted.

And for about 24 of the 48 minutes, the Mavericks put up a fight, either storming back in the first quarter, or giving the Bulls all they could handle in the second, or in short spurts in the fourth. But it wasn’t enough and the fell to 7-4 on the year.

Here’s some data points that explain the loss.

48.4%: The percentage of three pointers hit by the Chicago Bulls

As is the case for many NBA games, the team that hits more or a higher percentage of threes wins. Lead by Lonzo Ball’s seven makes from around the arc, the Bulls scored 9 more points from distance than Dallas did on two fewer attempts. The Mavericks got many good looks, but as has been the case all year, they just didn’t hit many.

24: Free throws shot by the Dallas Mavericks

The Mavericks got to the line well tonight, up from their average of 15. But they missed five, which in a game where the Bulls pushed their lead up to 18 at one point, the Mavericks couldn’t afford to miss a single charity stripe attempt.

28.5: Luka Doncic’s three point percentage

There’s no other way to say this other than Doncic simply must play better. Three pointers are just one part of his game and while he may never be a 40% sniper, he can hit league average. There’s just a lot wrong with how Doncic is playing this year and for the Mavericks to hit their ceiling, Luka’s going to have to find his way out of the doldrums he’s in.

There’s a lot going on with his game and not all of it’s his fault. But he simply must be better, there’s no easy way around that.

0: Number of minutes I want to see Willie Cauley Stein play basketball ever again

Enough of whatever is going on with WCS getting minutes. He doesn’t play hard and isn’t good. The end.

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