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Stats rundown: 4 numbers to know from the Mavericks heartbreaking loss to the Nets

The Mavericks outplayed the Nets for the majority of game

Brooklyn Nets v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images

The Dallas Mavericks lost 102-99 to the Brooklyn Nets. The Mavericks took an 86-75 lead into the 4th quarter but could not seal the deal. Kevin Durant provided breathtaking shot making which the Mavericks could not compete with.

Here are the stats to know.

19.6: Percentage the Mavericks shot from three

The team was 9 for 46 from deep as they continued to brick multiple open and wide open looks. There has been considerable discourse regarding what constitutes a “good shot.” In general, open three point looks for good shooters would appear to be good looks, but any shot ceases to be a good shot when one misses it consistently enough.

The Mavericks cannot stop shooting threes because of the roster construction and the value of threes but the definition of insanity is trying the same thing repeatedly despite it constantly failing.

12: Number of points the Mavericks were outscored by with Jalen Brunson on the court

The most positive development of the early season was Jalen Brunson’s development. Brunson is still a useful NBA player, but this stretch of basketball should make the Mavericks very wary of the “bird rights trap” when it comes to Brunson. They cannot afford to lose him for free and including him as the primary piece in a trade is difficult because of his small salary. That being said, what to do with Brunson is the biggest needle the new front office needs to thread for the remainder of this season and off-season.

5: Number of assists for Kristaps Porzingis

Porzingis has passed better this season than at any point of his career. The team’s results have not correlated with his passing as they have before. However, in the desert of recent Mavericks developments, Porzingis’ passing is a much needed oasis.

0: Reggie Bullock’s three point shooting percentage

The calendar turning to December has not fixed Bullock’s shot as it has done in the past. Bullock is now 4 for 20 on threes in the month of December which is actually worse than he was before. Bullock has enough of a track record as a shooter, and the team simply doesn’t have other options, that he will continue to get chances. It would really help the Mavericks if he begin knocking down shots.

Bullock is a great human being(read about his personal life if you have not done so) and a good basketball player. He will play better and he did a good job on Durant when tasked with guarding him for the first three quarters. He just has to make shots for himself and the team to be at their best going forward.

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