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Stats Rundown: 3 numbers to take away from the Mavericks win against the Hawks

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Dallas won a nail biter to keep the win streak alive.

Atlanta Hawks v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images

The Dallas Mavericks defeated the Atlanta Hawks 118-117 in a thrilling back-and-forth game, pushing the win streak to three games. The Mavericks fell behind by double midway through and didn’t claw back in until the fourth. Here are some numbers that shed insight on the win:

1: The number of field goal attempts Trae Young took in the second half

Though he finished with 25 points, 15 assists and seven rebounds the Mavericks limited Young to a measly one field goal attempt after halftime, which was a made three-pointer late in the fourth that cut the lead to one.

Young seemed perfectly fine dissecting the Mavericks defense and spoon-feeding delicious looks to John Collins and Kevin Huerter. However, the Mavericks threw some different looks at Young and seemed content with letting the other Hawks try to beat them. Young scored only six points in the second half (three from free throws), so the Mavericks must be pleased the Hawks’ dynamic point guard didn’t catch fire late.

160.9: The Mavericks’ offensive rating in the fourth quarter

Down by nine after failing to gain much traction in the third, the Mavericks’ offense clicked on all cylinders in the final frame:

Tim Hardaway Jr. scored 10 points in less than four minutes to cut the lead to three, and the Mavericks fed off his energy the rest of the way. Of equal importance, the Mavericks cut the Hawks’ lead to four by the time Luka Doncic checked back in. And most impressively, the Mavericks connected on 6-of-8 from deep.

24: The number of points Hardaway and Jalen Brunson combined to score in the fourth quarter

The two reserve guards were instrumental in the Mavericks comeback win as they scored 24 of the Mavericks’ 37 points in the final frame. Hardaway scored 13 of his 16 in the quarter, while Brunson pumped in 11 of his 21 in the final 12 minutes. Hardaway, in particular, was a madman to start the quarter, and Brunson was steady throughout. The bench play was a monumental lift for the Mavericks, and these two players deserve a lot of credit.

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