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A handful of surprise trade targets

Which one of these guys might help turn things around for Dallas?

Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

All of these trade targets are going to be from teams that are struggling this season. Guys that are on teams that are exceeding expectations this year will likely be harder to trade for, so they will not be on this list. This list will focus on guys who are good fits and are also attainable given Dallas’ current assets. I will not include the packages because they’re all going to be relatively similar and would turn this from an article into a novel.

Thaddeus Young

Young has a lot of value right now. In fact, Zach Lowe named him the Bulls’ most valuable trade asset over Zach Lavine and Lauri Markkanen. He fits a lot of what the Mavericks need and is a very strong, capable defender with lots of experience. He’s a small-ball big who would provide an instant impact on defense along with an interior presence on offense. Unfortunately, he’s still got three years left on his contract and lots of teams have their eyes on him. He would be an excellent grab for Dallas, though, if they’d be willing to take his contract.

Terrence Ross

Now this one gets me excited. The Magic are currently sitting at 12th in the east. While I would love Nikola Vucevic, it’s unlikely Dallas has the assets to get him. Ross on the other hand, might be more attainable. He doesn’t start for Orlando, but he’s a valuable asset off the bench averaging 15 points and shooting 35 percent on six three-point attempts per game.

Richaun Holmes

I mean, does this one even need explaining? Holmes is a high energy guy who brings things to both ends of the floor. Also, worth mentioning, he’s a free agent this summer which decreases his value. Like Young, he’s exactly what the Mavericks need, but he might be easier to get our hands on given that he’s on an expiring contract. In my opinion, Dallas only makes this deal if they have confidence that he’ll resign here.

Wayne Ellington

Everybody loves a reunion, am I right? Ellington, who’s currently starting for Detroit, is shooting 44 percent on 6 three-point attempts per game and only making $2.5 million this year. Given Dallas’ shooting struggles, he might be worth making an offer for. He’s on an expiring deal and the Pistons are at the bottom of the East, so I’d like to think we could get our hands on him.

Mo Bamba

I’ve always been a Bamba fan. He has only played in thirteen games for Orlando this year and will likely be moved at some point. Given the fact that he hasn’t really been given an opportunity since being drafted by the Magic, his value isn’t as high as would be expected for a former number six selection. He’s a solid shot blocker, has shown an ability to stretch the floor, and has put on weight since entering the league. If he can continue to get stronger, he could look a whole lot different in a new situation.

Clint Capela

I had to throw this one in here. While Capela’s salary might seem high, he could instantly solve a lot of our problems. Not only is he a solid pick-and-roll man, he’s a reliable interior defender. While there are other places where I’d prefer to spend my money, if Dallas feels like John Collins isn’t a sure thing and we need to get something now, the Capela conversation might be worth having. He also possesses a decent low-post game, which is something that we don’t currently have a lot of. It wouldn’t be my favorite move, but I’d be excited about the idea of bringing someone in who would have an instant defensive impact.