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Join Mavs Moneyball Live on Locker Room

Tonight around 9 p.m. cst

Portland Trail Blazers v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images

In an attempt to stay with the times and try something new, we at Mavs Moneyball will be hosting weekly (at first) chats on the Locker Room app.

What is Locker Room? Well it’s a relatively new venture, dating back to the fall encouraging sports fans to talk live with one another over the app. The app, which at the moment seems to only be on the App store for iPhone users, allows you to join a “room” where one or more of us will be talking Dallas Mavericks, then ask questions and join in the conversation.

We’re in the process of getting verified and hopefully setting up regular times to do these, but since there hasn’t been any Mavericks basketball for a whole week, I thought maybe we should get together and talk about the unscheduled week off and what it could mean for Dallas moving forward.

So again, the steps if you’d like to join:

  1. Download the Locker Room app
  2. Be looking around 9 p.m. CST and join our room. At the moment it’s under the “Everything NBA” group and has the show man “Mavs Moneyball Live”
  3. If you’re not able to join, don’t worry, the audio will also go up as a podcast late tonight or tomorrow morning. Ask me some questions you’d like answered!

With apps like Clubhouse on the rise, getting in on the live audio wave seems like fun to me. So let’s see how it goes.