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MMB Lounge: Toward All-Star break and beyond

Hang out!

Boston Celtics v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

It’s been a month since we set forth the first MMB Lounge on the main page and beachdrifter notes it’s time for another version. Here’s the old one though, in case you need to reference any older conversations.

It’s pretty wild that when the first one was posted, we were looking past .500. It’s been a month and we’re doing the same thing. Though this time, I feel a lot better about where things are going.

The next month contains the stretch towards All-Star break then the condensed All-Star game then the second half of the schedule which will hopefully be less... chaotic than what we’ve had to experience in the first half.

This team has something, as much as I gripe, they just need to find it. Be good, and hit me up if there are any issues.