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Here are two annoying plays from the Mavericks loss to the Warriors

These two plays didn’t decide the game but they were frustrating

Golden State Warriors v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images

Before the Warriors game started, I had all but planned to do my post-game writing centered around Mavericks owner Mark Cuban telling’s Zach Lowe “f-ck you, you don’t know sh-t,” during an interview that aired late Thursday night. It was in response to Lowe on his podcast talking about Luka Doncic being one of the biggest complainers to the referees in the league this season.

It made me mad, because Cuban being in the headlines for talking trash usually annoys me. For example, when he railed against Russell Westbrook for not being a superstar. Then the Mavericks played against the Warriors. Oh, brother. I am mad for a whole different set of reasons!

The Mavericks got their asses whipped on defense all night and lost by a bajillion points. I wanted to highlight two plays which annoyed me, and they won’t be a surprise if you’ve followed my work the last year or so.

Both plays were exactly the same — wide open Kelly Oubre corner three pointers in transition after the Mavericks made a basket. Not a fast break off a miss, a fast break off a make. The Mavericks seem to be really good at these for whatever reason.

There are zero excuses for these plays. No one on the Mavericks took a hard layup and got knocked down, or got tripped up heading back the floor. The Mavericks just literally farted and fell down, figuratively, and allowed the Warriors to step into some of the most open shots you’ll ever see after a team just scores. Inexcusable!

This type of stuff happened last season, too. I don’t know what the solution is, other than getting this group more time together and for the love of everything, please communicate and talk more. I’m at a loss for words — these plays are driving me insane.

Dallas will be better on Saturday, simply because it can’t be worse than this.