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GAME THREAD: Golden State Warriors vs. Dallas Mavericks

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The Mavericks look to rebound from an ugly loss to this same Warriors team on Thursday.

Golden State Warriors v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

WHO: Golden State Warriors vs. Dallas Mavericks

WHAT: The Mavericks attempting to rebound from an embarrassing blow out loss. Again.

WHERE: American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX

WHEN: 7:30 p.m. CT


THE STORY: I’m not sure how many of these game threads we’ve posted so far this season have been some form of “The Mavericks look to regroup after a horrifying loss” but we’re here again. The Warriors beat the Mavericks by a bajillion points on Thursday. The Mavericks played like ass.

Dallas seems cursed to get its doors blown off on every back-to-back, thanks to the unfortunate combo of their star having to shoulder the entire offense and half their roster recovering from COVID-19. It seems unfathomable that Dallas will look so disheveled again, so expect at the very least a competitive game. Hell, maybe the Mavericks win. That’d be nice, right?

If not, try not to burn the site down. Have fun. But NOT THAT MUCH FUN.