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Luka Doncic made a LinkedIn profile and it rules

It’s never too early to start your career

Dallas Mavericks v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

On Wednesday morning, Luka Doncic announced he would be joining the BioSteel brand as a partner. Specifically, he will serve as “Global Chief Hydration Officer”, which is an awesome title. It’s a great opportunity for Doncic. He’ll make lots of money and will also share the BioSteel partnership space with another young star and friend — Patrick Mahomes.

One of the things that typically accompanies a brand partnership is an increased social media presence. These companies want to make sure their product is in as many places as possible. So, Doncic now has a LinkedIn profile. Maybe it wasn’t BioSteel’s idea. Maybe Doncic just decided to grow his network. I’m not certain how we got here, all I know is that this profile is incredible.

Experience and education is the most important part of a resume, and that’s true for LinkedIn as well. Doncic made sure to list his time with the Dallas Mavericks, in case you forgot. He also classified his role as both a small forward and a guard, continuing a debate that hounded him at the beginning of his career. And of course, Real Madrid — where it started to get very real — is listed under education.

My favorite part of the account is the skills sections. As you could guess, basketball is the first skill listed. He’s already picked up seven endorsements for this skill! Thankfully, now we know he’s not lying about being good at it. Then we have fitness and hydration, which I’m glad he’s skilled in, because those are necessary for survival.

Doncic is also skilled in fashion and music, which is definitely important for his career path of walking through the tunnel at American Airlines Center. His skills in magic and gaming also couldn’t go without being highlighting.

Any good LinkedIn profile isn’t complete without accomplishments. Doncic has six currently listed on his profile, with many more to come.

I’m proud to report that Luka and I are now connected on LinkedIn. If I ever find myself in need of any hydration or magic expertise, I’ll be sure to reach out to the newest member of my network. Doncic was even kind enough to provide some contacts where I can reach him, which include Boban and his dog Hugo.

If this whole basketball thing doesn’t work out for Doncic, he now has a pretty solid LinkedIn profile to help get his foot in the corporate door. I think he’ll be alright, though.