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The basketball world reacts Mavericks Game 2 win over the Clippers

Some links to reactions across the web.

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2021 NBA Playoffs - Dallas Mavericks v LA Clippers Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

The Dallas Mavericks defeated the Los Angeles Clippers in a thrilling late night contest Tuesday night (check out the recap here). We’ve got plenty of coverage here at Mavs Moneyball for you to dive into, like Iztok Franko’s observations from Game 2, or five interesting stats from the contest.

But we wanted to point you to some other fun stuff across the internet, because when the Mavericks win a big game and Luka Doncic delivers a instant-classic performance, you can’t get enough content about it.

Bill Simmons opened his podcast with effusive praise for Luka. It’s obvious from the rest of the podcast that Simmons didn’t plan on talking about the late night playoff games. But when Doncic steals a game from the favored Clippers by scoring 39 points, the Sports Guy had no choice but wax poetic about the young Slovenian phenom.

Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo Sports wrote about Luka growing his legend with a masterful demolition of the Clippers. Goodwill discusses how the Clippers are struggling to guard Doncic.

Sam Quinn of CBS Sports breaks down the odds the Clippers are facing now that they’re down 2-0. The Mavericks are in the driver’s seat in the series, and it’s up to them to close it out.

The Ringer’s NBA Playoff Odds Machine has the Mavericks winning the series in four games as the most likely outcome. The second most likely scenario? The Clippers winning in seven.

The NBA Group Chat podcast talked about the Mavericks pushing the Clippers to the brink of disaster. The Ringer hasn’t written anything about the game yet, but they have at least talked about it.

Tim Cato at The Athletic wrote about the Mavericks’ formula for winning against the Clippers. The former Mavs Moneyball writer also discussed the game on a podcast with Dave DuFour and Mike Piellucci.

Also on The Athletic, Seth Partnow has some cool charts regarding the Mavericks the charts. He also talks about the Clippers needing more help from their role players.

Grant Afseth at Dallas Basketball broke down some film from Game 2.

The Daily Ding and the No Dunks podcasts both talked about Luka and the Mavericks taking down the Clippers.

You can also check out the Mavs Moneyball Group Therapy podcast here and below, and continue to come back to Mavs Moneyball, as we’ll have plenty of content for you as the series progresses.