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Boban Marjanovic in Dude Perfect

Boban is the best

Boban Marjanovic is quite simply the best. Everyone who has a chance to spend any time with him loves him. He is also an absolutely massive human being even by NBA standards. But when compared to normal humans, he looks like a giant out of legend.

This physically imposing size has led Boban to a potential second career as an actor. He appeared in John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum in 2019. This was the first chance to see the gentle giant portraying an aggressive character and being juxtaposed against normal sized human beings. The size difference was startling. John Wick won the fight but that can be chalked up to plot armor. No one could beat Boban.

Dude Perfect is one of the most popular Youtube channels there is with over 56 million subscribers. On June 14th, they released a video World’s Hottest Hot Sauce OT 27. For those unfamiliar with the OT series, it begins with a segment called Cool/Not Cool which is essentially show and tell for adults.

Approximately 8 minutes into the video, they move on to “Fight Scene” which has Boban in a western role. It again shows how absolutely massive he is without other giants to skew perception. It is fun to watch and it is a chance to see Boban. Go watch it.

Boban’s talked about how he’s interested in being an actor after basketball. Do we think he has a chance?