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JJ Redick could have helped the Mavericks, but it just didn’t work out

The Mavericks needed Redick’s shooting, but injuries held him back.

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Dallas Mavericks Andrew Dieb-USA TODAY Sports

Season in Review

The Dallas Mavericks were a team in need of shooting, and had an expiring contract in James Johnson. So it made sense to dial up the New Orleans Pelicans and swing a trade for JJ Redick. The former Duke standout was on an expiring as well, and the Pelicans had no plans of re-signing him after the summer. The thought was that Redick could come off the Mavericks’ bench and provide some scoring for a second unit that struggled to put up points.

It was the right move, but sometimes good ideas just don’t work out. This was the case with Redick, all thanks to a bruised right heel. The 36-year-old veteran appeared in only 44 games this season, his lowest number since 2013-14 with the Los Angeles Clippers. He only saw the floor in 13 games with the Mavericks.

His numbers weren’t great. Redick averaged 4.4 points and less than one assist per game with Dallas. His shooting numbers were better, a steady 39% from behind the arc, but he just wasn’t able to get on the floor enough to make a difference. Redick only averaged just under three attempts from deep per game. In the end, the heel injury limited him too much, and Redick missed the final three games of the season, along with all seven games of the playoffs.

Best Game

Redick’s best game was easily a mid-April match with the New York Knicks. He scored nine points to go along with four rebounds and a steal. He shot 2-4 from deep, and was a +6 for the game. There’s not a lot of counting stats there, but again, Redick was brought on board to stretch the floor and make 3’s. He did exactly that this game, and even provided a little defense.

Contract Status

Redick’s two-year, $26 million contract expires this summer. The Mavericks will have his Early Bird rights if they wish to bring him back and sign him over the cap during the offseason.

Looking Ahead

There’s a possibility Redick returns to the Mavericks. Shooting is always in demand in the NBA, and it’s Redick’s only elite skill. It’s unlikely that he’d be part of a rotation on a contending squad, but the Mavericks might value his veteran leadership and the ability to step into a late game situation where a big shot is needed. He’ll be low priority during the offseason, but don’t be surprised if they bring him back. Redick is 37, after all, and his best playing days are far behind him.

A lot of it will depend on his health, and his desire to play in Dallas. It’s well-known that Redick lives in Brooklyn, so it’s possible he’d migrate back toward the Northeast in the future. At the very least, Mavericks fans got some nice podcasts out of Redick’s time with the team.

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