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After Dark: Donnie Nelson is no longer General Manager of the Dallas Mavericks

The photo was from his younger days

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Lakers v Mavericks

With news that Donnie Nelson is no longer the General Manager of the Dallas Mavericks, our editorial team at Mavs Moneyball had to get together and discuss what it means and what comes next. That all of this managed to start just two days after Tim Cato’s Athletic story about the Dallas front office is very wild indeed.

Specifically, Josh Bowe, Doyle Rader, and I all had to hash out our emotional reactions to the firing, as well as what we’re thinking comes next. There’s been a great deal of news on the subject already and expectations are the Mavericks will move relatively quickly with free agency around the corner.

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There’s so many ways this could go and factors beyond the general manager position, including what owner Mark Cuban thinks as well as his Director of Analytics, Haralabos Voulgaris (who had himself a weird day online in terms of taking heat).

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