Trade Machine It!

No matter what you think of the recent front office changes, the fact will remain that in order to evolve this team there will need to be some trades.

Donnie was an elaborate trader and it will be interesting to see how things move going forward.


As fans, each of us see players and parts of the team differently and many times a majority of us have questioned some of the trades Mark Cuban signed off on as the final arbiter.

It's your time to fire up the trade machine and share suggested trades in the comments for this off season.

Here are links...

Of course, the trade needs to pass the basics of salary cap management and check off as a successful trade.

Let's be realistic and reasonably kind in this process of fleshing out potential trades that fans view as right for their team. If you like the trade simply click the (rec).

Trade on Mavs Fans!

Reader submitted. Opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of our editorial staff.