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Mark Cuban wins $25k donation to the Family Place on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Cuban drains a clutch shot for charity on the “Hell Hoop.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Mark Cuban made an NBA Finals appearance—sort of. Prior to Game 3 on Sunday, the Dallas Mavericks’ proprietor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live NBA Finals Game Night. He was there with the chance to have a $25,000 donation made to a charity of his choosing.

Cuban chose the Family Place, a Dallas-based nonprofit established in 1978 to help victims of family violence in North Texas, as his charity. In order to win the money, Cuban had to make one of three shots from the top of the key on the “Hell Hoop.”

In the parking lot behind the studio a small court was set up. It wasn’t like any court, though. The hoop violently swung back and forth while rotating clockwise. In front of it were three inflatable tube men flailing recklessly. On top of that, a man dressed as a demonic clown rode a tall unicycle back and forth. Formidable obstacles to say the least.

The challenge looked like more than Cuban could handle early on. He missed his first two shots. However, he came through in the clutch and drained his third and final shot. Thanks to that make, the Family Place is getting a much-needed donation.

Check out the video below:

If you’d like to make a financial contribution to the Family Place, follow this link.