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Steph Curry and Luka Doncic are down-to-Earth superstars according to two NBA players

One more hit from the Old Man and the Three podcast

Golden State Warriors v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images

As we continue mining content from other places and following up on yesterday’s post about Andre Igoudala nearly coming to Dallas, there’s one more hit from the very good episode of Old Man and the Three worth discussing. Check this clip out:

For those of you unable to listen to a three minute clip, Andre Igoudala talks about Steph Curry’s humble approach to basketball and his unassuming nature mixed with his competitive edge. JJ Redick in response says Luka Doncic is the only star he’s played with who fits that bill. “Luka’s special, he’s one of the the guys... he’s great,” explains Redick, which is high praise considering the stars he’s played with over the years.

This narrative straight from the mouth of a teammate like Redick is refreshing, given the litany of nonsense that’s flowed from the mouths of ESPN talking heads like Kendrick Perkins and reporter Brian Windhorst, each of whom indicated that Luka Doncic may not be the best teammate for one reason or another.

Of course, neither would have any real sourcing to that as the former is a professional blowhard and the latter is not a regular Dallas reporter. All the same, it’s nice to hear what we all know, that Luka Doncic is a great basketball player who also is a good teammate.

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