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Let’s help our friend Jonathan Tjarks

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The Tjarks family needs our help and support during this challenging time

Update: Tjarks passed away Friday evening, per his family’s Caring Bridge, which you should read. You’ve helped raise nearly $120,000 for his family as of this update, but for his wife and son, this is just beginning. Think of them in the coming weeks and months and years. Thanks for all that you’ve done. If you’re still interested in donating, here’s the link.

Our friend Jonathan Tjarks is battling cancer. He announced his fight in April. It was devastating those of us who are close with him. Jon’s a fighter, though. He’s been undergoing chemotherapy for months now, and his lovely wife Melissa is keeping tabs on their journey on her blog. He’s also written about what it’s like to stare mortality in the face.

Jon is a friend of ours here at Mavs Moneyball. He was even once a contributor here, lending us a shred of credibility. So, we cannot sit on our hands and wish him well from afar. He is family, and we want to help in any way we can and insurance only covers so much given the kinds of treatments he’s getting. We’ve set up a GoFundMe to help Jon, Melissa, and their son and we hope that you’re able to contribute.

Kirk Henderson, our editor-in-chief, will present whatever funds the MMB community raises at a special event for Jon later this month. On Saturday, July 31, The Pub McKinney will hold a fundraiser for Jon. From 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., join your fellow MFFLs for a good cause and good company. Jon is one of the best of us, and our support of him and his family is the least we can do to help him continue the fight.

The Pub McKinney


McKinney, TX 75069

Tel: 972-369-1800

Here’s the Go Fund Me again. Please consider giving and sharing.