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Searching for Dallas Mavericks memorabilia at an antique mall

A photo essay of odd Mavericks memorabilia at an odd place.

Dirk Nowitzki Feature Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images

There is an antique mall where I live, and one day, bored, I wandered in to browse. Most of the booths sold trinkets and old furniture, but one of them was exclusively sports memorabilia. On the shelves of an old glass hutch, there were sports cards, bobble heads, figurines, and signed baseballs.

I bought a few bobble heads, and over the next year went back from time to time to see what new items the booth had. And each time I went back, I found another booth selling sports related items. Today, the antique mall is almost half sports memorabilia—bobble heads everywhere, pennants, and mountains of trading cards.

So I thought I would take you on a tour of all the Dallas Mavericks memorabilia available for purchase at my local antique mall. The booths there are littered with recent Mavericks history, and as you’ll see, some nightmares.

First up, a bobble head of Shawn Marion. It’s pretty nice—nothing weird about it, kind of looks like Marion, something that’s often an issue with bobble heads. It even has tattoos on his arm, a level of detail not often seen with these figurines. You can also get a duck pocket knife to go along with it.

Next up—Andrew Bogut. Did you forget Bogut was on the Mavericks? Maybe you did, and no one can blame you if so. In fact, it’s kind of amazing that Bogut even got a bobble head considering he played 26 games for Dallas. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I probably wouldn’t believe it existed. Bonus Frisco Rough Riders Teddy Roosevelt bobble head in the picture.

My next find—a pair of bobble heads you definitely need if you want to prove to someone the Mavericks can sign free agents.

I had to walk a few aisles of creepy paintings, tea sets, and fake flowers before I found the next piece of Mavericks memorabilia. But when I did, I struck gold. Jim Jackson. In the old 90s green uniform with the blue trim. For only $12.

A few booths later I found a potpourri of nostalgia. Washed Deron Williams memorialized with a bobble head. Salah Mejri so you’ll never forget him (as if you could). Caron Butler surfing a wave of...tuff juice? This is exactly why you shop for memorabilia at the antique mall instead of on Ebay.

Now getting back on track, we’ve got a simple Mavericks license plate with the 90s cowboy hat logo. Classy and simple.

Back to bobble heads. Sure, you might be drawn to the Seth Curry bobble head. But that’s too normal. Too plain. No, you want the Dirk Nowitzki bobble head wearing a Tito’s Vodka hoodie.

And finally, I leave you with this. If you’ve recently found peace with the Mavericks offseason, well, I have something that will jolt you back into a sea of despair. Behold, a Steve Nash puppet, your new sleep paralysis demon.