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Kirk Your Enthusiasm: Tim Yeager aka HouseMavericks

Talking fandom and looking ahead

BleacherReport - Game of Zones

After taking a couple weeks off (it is the off-season, after all) I decided to get back on the podcast horse. I’m starting what I hope to be a series the next few weeks, talking Mavericks with our contributing staff, including some names you may not see on the site as often just because they have less time to write.

Monday night I was joined by Tim Yeager, also known as HouseMavericks to those on Twitter. Tim’s a lifelong Dallas fan who joined our staff last year and brings his long time love for the team to the table. His social media account consistently puts out some of the funniest Mavericks content.

We start with an overview of Tim’s fandom, then transition into his foray into becoming a very popular Twitter account, then how he joined our staff. We end on what he’s looking forward to in the season and how he’s spending the time between basketball ending and starting up again.

If you want to hear our show, click the embed above or go to your favorite podcast app, search Mavs Moneyball podcast, and rate and review us. If you don’t want to do that and, if you can’t see to the embed, click here to be taken to the show directly.