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A quick off-season note from the editor

2020 Tokyo Olympics: Slovenia v France Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

Writing about a basketball team on a website for fun is a stranger thing than you might expect.

In 2012, when I dipped into writing for the now defunct Two Man Game, I never would’ve imagined that I’d end up running a Dallas Mavericks fan site. What started off as a means to do something more productive than yell at the television has turned into more than I ever imagined. But in the end, it’s still just for fun and all of us here at Mavs Moneyball do this for love of the game and for love of the team.

And we’re in the slow part of things right now. The last time we had a “regular” off-season was following Luka Doncic’s rookie year in 2018-19. That August was pretty bleak for MMB coverage, just 20 posts (compared to 100+ in January of 2019). This August we’ve had 74 in comparison yet I’ll be the first to agree with some of our commenters that things are a bit dry lately.

I wanted to take just a second and acknowledge that, but promise that more is coming once the season revs back up. Since we’re all either lightly or not compensated, this is something the entire staff does because we love it. I didn’t press for much coverage of the introductory press conference last week, for example, because many of us are either on vacation, getting kids back in school, or just taking a bit of a mental break from the Mavericks.

So if some of the coverage isn’t for you, I get it. I told everyone to get weird. And if you’re a long time reader, you know that some of the posts lately are nothing like what we used to do in 2013-14 and before (seriously, go look at the archives). The basketball internet used to be the Wild West of weird. Now, it’s mostly the same, and that’s okay because the reader drives what we make and make more of.

Enjoy this brief slowdown. But know we’ll try to have something every day, more if there is news. Soon enough we’ll be back to posting previews, recaps, game threads, and a million other things. We have some good ideas for coverage this next season, and we’re hopeful with more time between games we can execute more analysis and not so much reaction (but we’ll see, I like reaction and over reaction).

Thanks for your loyalty. Thanks for your comments. Thanks for your time. Mavs Moneyball doesn’t mean a thing without the people who read us.