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MMB Lounge: It’s a cruel, cruel summer

It’s not, but the song’s stuck in my head

Dallas Mavericks Press Conference Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images

Hey friends, sorry for not making one of these earlier. Here’s the last lounge to continue your conversations. If I don’t do one of these, someone send me an email or a tweet, I don’t mind. Ran up against some stuff in scheduling then just plain forgot.

But we’re here! Training camp is in three-ish weeks and we’ll be spinning up the normal gambit of content we pitch out. That said, I’ve been meaning to ask our regulars what sort of recurring content would you like to see that we aren’t writing? Iztok’s long reads come as he’s able to do them. We’ll do power rankings and report cards. Game day stuff usually stays the same, but past preview, game thread, recap, and the last season addition of stats to know, I’m also open to other ideas.

We like writing a lot but you’d be shocked at the difference in page views between a recap and something amazing like what Iztok does. It’s the shorter pieces that get the most views. So if you have ideas, I might be able to implement them.

In Mavs land we don’t have a ton going on, just watching the calendar for October first to see if there any other trades coming.

Everyone be good.