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Kirk Your Enthusiasm: Joe Flynn of Posting and Toasting talking Frank Ntilikina and more

Talking Knicks that are now Mavericks, plus a Green Room

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France v Slovenia Men’s Basketball - Olympics: Day 13 Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Friday afternoon I was joined by Joe Flynn, managing editor of the Knicks SB Nation site Posting and Toasting. He reached out to me as he wanted to share his love of Frank Ntilikina with Mavericks fans. We talked about Frank’s time with the Knicks, why it didn’t work out, and his case for Ntilikina getting time with the Mavericks. We also talk about Reggie Bullock and the three other former Knicks also on the Dallas roster.

In the second half of the podcast, I went on Green Room to take questions and talk to fans. If you haven’t tried out Green Room with us, I really recommend it. Go to whatever your phone’s app store is and download Green Room and then look up the username KirkHenderson35 and get notified when we go live.

If you want to hear our show, click the embed above or go to your favorite podcast app, search Mavs Moneyball podcast, and rate and review us. If you don’t want to do that and, if you can’t see to the embed, click here to be taken to the show directly.