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Goran Dragic expected to get bought out and sign with the Mavericks, per report

Jake Fischer has been careful with his words all off-season

Dallas Mavericks v Miami Heat Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images

Goran Dragic is going to be a Maverick sooner or later, per Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report. The latest comment was said on his live show on the Halftime App.

According to Reddit user nonbiasednbafan, the exact quote from Fischer was “All my sources around the league have told me they expect Goran Dragic to be bought out by the Toronto Raptors and swiftly sign with the Dallas Mavericks.”

This follows up a Luka Doncic social media post from Tuesday with Dragic

Of course, this all somewhat conflicts with the story earlier Thursday where the Mavericks brought in three old, er, veteran guards for a tryout as Dallas considers how to improve their ball handling depth. Then there’s quotes like this one from sourced reporters:

At this point though, it feels like something is going to happen and the Dallas team as we know it now isn’t going to be the one that starts the season. A guard’s going to be added to the Maverick team. Whether it’s Goran Dragic or Isaiah Thomas or Lance Stephenson is perhaps the last question we have to ponder the next month.

My money’s on Dragic, though that may be bias because I really think Dragic will affect Luka Doncic’s professionalism at a point where he really needs it.