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Kirk Your Enthusiasm: Rob Mahoney of the Ringer

Mavericks, NBA, food, and pop culture

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2019 NBA All-Star Practice and Media Availability Photo by Juan Ocampo/NBAE via Getty Images

Thursday afternoon I was joined by my old basketball friend and former boss, Rob Mohoney. Rob now writes and podcasts for the Ringer. He’s part of the Group Chat podcast, which I very much enjoy due to the mix of personalities.

We talk a lot of Mavericks, including why I’m feeling bullish about the season at the moment, what Rob thinks of the Dallas coaching staff, and more. Then we pivot to some NBA at large talk, including what we think of both conferences. Next, I pick Rob’s brain for Dallas food recommendations. Lastly, we end on some pop culture talk, including his work on The Ringer-Verse podcast and what he’s watching during the off season.

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