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Mavericks Odds: How to bet tonight’s rematch against the Chicago Bulls

Will Demar Derozan and company have their way with Dallas or will the revamped defense make like difficult for the Bulls

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Chicago Bulls Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

This is the second and last meeting of the season between the Mavs and Chicago Bulls. The first game resulted in a 117-107 loss for the Mavs. Lonzo Ball and Zach LaVine combined to go 9 out of 12(75%) from 3 point range. Overall, The Bulls shot 48.4% from deep and over 50% from the field. The Bulls were able to get exactly what they wanted on offense and the Mavs were powerless to stop them. That was then, and hopefully, this is now. The level of competition and Covid have certainly played a part but the team’s improvement on the defensive end of the floor is undeniable. Kidd has the team playing with aggression and that aggression has led to an increase in opponent turnovers. This particular Bulls team, however, seems well suited to use the team’s aggression against them.

All odds are courtesy of DraftKings sportsbook and are current as of 10:30 AM CT, January 9th

Outcome odds

Spread: Mavs +2(-110)

Moneyline: Mavs +115

The Mavs have changed the way they play Pick and Rolls. They are comfortable rotating knowing the ball will eventually land in the hands of a non-shooter and or non-playmaking threat. That won’t work against the Bulls. With Lonzo, Caruso, Derozan, and Vucevic on the floor for the Bulls, the Mavs will have to pick their poison. Even if the Mavs are able to rotate on a string like the Spurs of old, they will have to contend with Derozan’s devastating mid-range game in iso situations. The Mavs are better, but tonight’s matchup will tell us how much better they truly are.

ADVICE: Stay away. On the season, the Bulls are 21-14 against the spread while the Mavs are .500 at 19-19.


217 -110

The Mavs have don’t a good job of keeping teams under 100 points the past few games. That streak should come to an end tonight. If Luka plays, this is an easy over. If he doesn’t, it will come down to Reggie Bullock and Tim Hardaway Jr. If they can stay hot from deep, the over is in play, if they struggle, the game could get out of hand and quickly.

ADVICE: Take the Over.

Two-Team Moneyline Parlay

Mavs ML/Warriors(-8)

Away. Normally we’d list an underdog here, but tonight presents a unique possibility. With Klay Thompson returning from a two-year absence, is there a surer bet than the Warriors tonight? Seriously, how high would the line have to be for you to feel comfortable taking the Cavs. Expect the Warriors to play with passion and fly all over the court. With Rubio out for the season, the Cavs won’t have enough playmaking to make this a game.

ADVICE: Parlay the Mavs Moneyline with the Warriors spread.