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How to Bet: The Dallas Mavericks’ 2022-23 Season

Dallas Mavericks v Utah Jazz Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images

With the season just a few days away, it is a perfect opportunity to look over the betting landscape for the Dallas Mavericks going into the new year. All odds are courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook. Championship odds, win totals, and more, we’ll be going through every item.

Championship Odds

First, let’s take a look at the big one, championship odds. Currently DraftKings sportsbook has the Mavericks’ odds to win the championship at +2200. This means a $100 bet would win you $2,200. This is tied for the 11th best odds to win it all. Coming off a Western Conference Finals visit; I feel that the Mavs are being a little disrespected here with these odds. Especially when you look at the odds for the Lakers, who are sitting at +1800 odds. Look for the Mavs odds to go down as the season progresses, getting them at +2200 is probably the best it is going to be!

Total Wins

DraftKings has the total wins for the Mavs at 48.5. The west is very strong once again this year, making wins at a premium every night. The Mavs are coming off a 52-30 season last year. With a 48.5-win total, I think this is a fair number and a very achievable one. The odds for the over are -115, making them slight favorites to go over this number. A $115 bet would win you $100. If you are looking for some value, I would look at the “to win 50+ games” category. Mavs are +115 to win 50+ games, making them slight underdogs on reaching this number. If you’re feeling a little more confident you can bet on them to win 60+ games. The odds for this are sitting at +1200, making a $100 bet turn into a $1,200 win if they come through with 60 wins. I personally like the 50+ games as I believe it is very achievable while giving you better odds.

Winning the Southwest Division

The Mavs are currently predicted to finish second in the Southwest division, just behind the Memphis Grizzlies. Give me the Mavs to win the division at +140 odds all day. This division will be tough as the Grizzlies and Pelicans are both solid teams. The Pelicans at +400 is very interesting as well as I think they are better than the odds are making them out to be.

To make the playoffs

The Mavericks are sitting at -550 to make the playoffs. Not really any value in betting this unless you are putting thousands down. You would have to bet $550 to win $100. The Mavs should make the playoffs so if you are looking for some value in this category, I would look at the Wizards who are +340 to get in the postseason.

Luka Doncic, MVP

Luka is currently the betting favorite to win the award. Coming in at +425, he is edging out the likes of Giannis (+600) and Embiid (+650). At +425, the value is not as good as what you would like it to be. Winning the MVP is such a daunting task, making a $425 win off a $100 bet seem sort of insignificant. If you truly believe this is Luka’s award to lose, then it is a nice way to 4x your money. However, the variables that go into winning the award are just too difficult to predict. When betting on the MVP I look at players who get tons of media hype combined with good odds. Ja Morant fits this perfectly, the media loves them some Ja, and the kid can put up MVP numbers. At +1500 odds, I like this a lot more than betting the favorite, Luka.

Rookie of the Year

We have all heard the stories of how good Jaden Hardy has been in camp. Why not sprinkle some bankroll on him winning the ROY? He currently is sitting at +4500 odds. This would be the 17th best odds according to DraftKings. Paolo Banchero is the clear favorite to win this award as all the minutes he can handle will be his. The NBA is very unpredictable making it worth putting a few dollars on the longshot Hardy.

6th Man of the Year

This is an interesting award as the Mavericks currently have two players in the top 7 favorites to win the award. Christian Wood is currently the second favorite to win the award. At +800 odds it is definitely worth placing some money down on it. We all know Wood is starting the season coming off the bench and if he stays there and thrives, I think this award is easily his. His teammate Spencer Dinwiddie currently sits at +2000 to win the award. I like sprinkling a little on him as well as he will be running the show for the second unit. The Mavs have some fire power coming off the bench and I expect their names to be in the running for this award come end of season.

Coach of the Year

Jason Kidd has been a great coach so far in his tenure with the Mavs. The odds are reflecting this as he sits with the 6th best odds to win the award. At +1400 the value is there and is worth putting some money down on. Kidd had the defense looking way better last year and look for it to improve even more with the addition of McGee. A $100 bet would win you $1,400, making this play have loads of value.

I cannot wait for the season to start Wednesday! It’s the best time of the year as we get to cheer on the Mavs once again! Having some extra skin in the game can help you appreciate the games even more. From betting on MVP to Division winner, there is something for everyone to get it on. For me personally, my favorite bet from this list is Mavs to win 50+ games this season. At +115 odds I believe the Mavs get this done and have some games to spare. I also will be getting in on Christian Wood to win 6th man of the year at +800. The value is too high to not put a little something down. Looking forward to a great season with everyone in the community! Be on the lookout for our betting previews before each game, as we break down the board and go over our favorite plays of the day.