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Dalton Trigg on what he’s excited about for the Dallas Mavericks season

Luka, Wood, Followill, and more

NBA: Preseason-Dallas Mavericks at Utah Jazz Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports

Dalton Trigg, editor-in-chief over at joined me Wednesday night to talk about what he’s excited about now that the regular season is finally here for the Dallas Mavericks. You see, I’ve been sick for nearly two weeks and I’m run down and honestly not read for the grind of the regular season.

Enter Dalton Trigg, the most positive Mavericks fan you will ever meet.

First, he does the obvious and reminds me we get to watch generational superstar Luka Doncic play basketball, which is a special privledge in it’s own right. We lovingly discuss Doncic for a while, before Dalton then brings up how excited he is to watch Christian Wood and how he thinks Wood is going to excel in this bench role despite all the noise surrounding how that could affect his next contract.

By this point in the show, I’m more awake and feeling better. That leads me to talking about how thrilled I am to hear Mark Followill on Dallas calls. Dalton is too, since he often had to miss the Dallas commentators since he lives out of the area. From there, we ramble a bit about a number of different smaller things, including the line ups we want to see, I hope that Jason Kidd finally gets a tech on Luka’s behalf this year. A good time was had, since Dalton’s a great guy.

Dalton also pitched hanging out during games with them at the Mavs Step Back watch parties on the Playback app.

We talk about all that, and more on Kirk Your Enthusiasm with Dalton Trigg.

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