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After Dark: Dallas Mavericks slide past the Nets, what did we learn?

Finally, a road win

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Brooklyn Nets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks are back at .500, winning on the road for the first time this season by defeating the Brooklyn Nets Thursday night, 129-125. You’ve perhaps read all about the game already, but Josh Bowe and I got on our usual postgame podcast to discuss what we could take away from this game.

My answer... not too much. Luka Doncic is absurd. Josh Green played really well in limited minutes; it was great to see him shooting the ball period, and that they went in is a nice bonus. Josh pointed out the various double digit scorers that came from the bench and how Luka Doncic made it an effort to put his head down and get to the rim on Thursday evening. The turnovers were a weird issue, Dallas once again committed a number of them in bunches, but that’s a correctable issue.

We also talk about the stranger line up problems that are springing up; the Mavericks over came them against the Nets, but the lulls in offense are harmful. Josh talked about Jason Kidd trying to kill Brooklyn momentum using a timeout right as they came out of their huddle, sort of icing the team.

This was a nice win, in that we understand the Mavericks still have a lot to figure out but that it’s great to discuss that in the context of a win, instead of a loss.

We talk about all that and more on this episode of Mavs Moneyball After Dark.

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