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Stats Rundown: 4 stats from the Mavericks 117-111 overtime loss to the Thunder

This was disgusting

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Dallas Mavericks Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks lost 117-111 to the Oklahoma City Thunder in overtime. This game was a clinic in poor officiating but some of those poor calls or non calls benefitted Dallas. The Mavericks simply have to do a better job of adjusting to the calls.

The Mavericks slogged through three quarters before building a double digit lead in the first half of the fourth quarter. Then Luka Doncic was reinserted to resume his wrestling match with Lou Dort and the game bogged down again. The Mavericks lost and face the very sobering possibility of starting the season 2-4 given a back-to-back tomorrow. Here are the stats to know.

20: Percentage both teams shot on threes

Josh Bowe did good work pointing out that the Mavericks offense has not generated the volume of quality three point looks that they have in the past. But they got very good looks tonight and just missed them.

34: Number of free throws the Mavericks shot

I try not to include it in my writing, but I am a habitual referee complainer. I already mentioned this game was poorly refereed, there is an old adage that if you foul every play, they can’t call all of them. There is an upper limit to how many free throws a team is going to shoot, and that number exceeding 35 for a team with three players who can create their own shot is going to be rare. There are going to be games like this and the Mavericks have to adjust.

16: Number the Mavericks were leading by when Doncic re-entered the game with 5:41 remaining

It is difficult to question Doncic often because of the heavy burden he carries. He is one of the best offensive engine of all time, and even tonight his stat line looked pretty. But the Mavericks lost this game largely because of Doncic. He did not play much defense (possibly due to his five fouls) and he was unable to generate the points the way he normally does. It is OK. Even the great ones have off nights. He will be back to his usual greatness next time.

24: Number of points the Mavericks outscored the Thunder by in Josh Green’s 15 minutes

This was another game of growth for Green. He provided energy and defense. He fit in well in a game that often resembled rugby. It is always good to end on a positive note, and this is one of the few from this game.

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