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After Dark: Bouncing back with Luka’s magic

NBA: Orlando Magic at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks recovered on the second night of a back-to-back to defeat the Orlando Magic at home 114-105. There’s a lot written already on our site with both the recap and the stats to know.

Josh Bowe and I got online immediately after the game to talk about the relieving win after perhaps the worst Dallas Mavericks loss of the Luka Doncic era. Doncic kept the sluggish Mavericks in the game, scoring 30 of the team’s 60 points in the first half, then after a steady drumbeat in the third quarter Dallas eventually out-talented the Magic as they built a commanding lead into the fourth quarter. Josh Green in particular made his presence felt for the second straight game and his efforts helped reward Dallas with a needed win.

We work our way through the rest of the roster along with what things concerned us and what things we believe the Mavericks can build on in coming days. But since it’s the sixth game of the season and the third contest in four nights, this might be a game we should be content the Mavericks walked away with a victory. The postgame quotes from the team were positive after a critical response last night, specifically from Jason Kidd. Hopefully the team will work on some defensive solutions over the next two days off, because once again the defense was rough for significant stretches.

All that and more can be found on tonight’s episode of Mavs Moneyball After Dark.

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