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What we’re hoping for from Preseason Dallas Mavericks Basketball

We’re ready for basketball. Even preseason basketball.

2022 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot Photo by Michael J. LeBrecht II/NBAE via Getty Images

Preseason basketball starts in less than 24 hours for the Dallas Mavericks and I get together with Mavs Moneyball contributor Matthew Phillips to talk about all the things we’re looking forward to and what we hope to see.

The discussion starts where all Maverick discussions do these days: Josh Green. More than anything, Green needs repetition and that comes through minutes and opportunities, whether it’s shooting the ball from three or if he gets chances to initiate the offense and show off some of his more developed moves.

From there, we pivot to Jaden Hardy and what glimpses we might see of him with NBA spacing. He’s probably going to play most of the season in the G-League with the Texas Legends, but it’s still fun to see Hardy play whatever minutes he might get with any rotation player.

That then led into Tim Hardaway talk, about where he might fit in the rotation and if Jason Kidd and the staff can get Hardaway to play any defense. He tries hard but has always seemed lost in defensive schemes despite being a very good athlete. Matthew then ends pre-season talk hoping that Dallas will run more, at least with Josh Green at the helm.

Then I ramble a bit about the NBA GM Survey which has some odd Dallas results. The league doesn’t have Dallas finishing well in the West but does seem to think Luka Doncic has the best odds for MVP. Those two items are linked in my mind.

All this basketball talk and more on this Tuesday night edition of After Dark.

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