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Reacting to a win in Oklahoma City on Spotify Live

Still more content on a Dallas Mavericks preseason game

NBA: Dallas Mavericks-Media Day Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

After the 98-96 Dallas Mavericks preseason win over the Oklahoma City Thunder, Josh Bowe and I held our usual post game show. Then right after that, I went on Spotify Live for a Mavs Party! episode where we hung out and talked shop with a number of different fans about anything people wanted to talk about.

Up first, our guest talked about Jaden Hardy and Josh Green and taking the positive out of their play. Green continues to be the preseason story in a good way, which is great because despite it perhaps being difficult for him to find more than 15 minutes a game, I can’t help but think the Mavericks will need him at some point or another.

Our second caller focuses on Jaden Hardy’s game and confidence. There’s a lot of early reaction as to whether he’ll play with the Mavericks much, but his shot looks good and he plays like he belongs. We also touch on Spencer Dinwiddie and Luka Doncic’s roles.

The third guest, Mavs Moneyball’s Brent Brooks wanted to make the case for McKinley Wright IV. It’s safe to say I disagree with Brent, but he’s enthusiastic about Wright’s play to date.

I rile up the crowd a bit and our final set of guest all respond back to my belief that after an open practice, a televised scrimmage, and a preseason game, that Christian Wood could stand to play a lot better defense. He did have a very nice offensive game and after some debate we all settle on how Wood may just need a lot of time to get acclimated to Jason Kidd’s defensive scheme.

Here’s the Wednesday night live edition of Mavs Party! via Spotify Live.

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