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Quote board: Luka Doncic, Spencer Dinwiddie, other Mavericks speak after the win over Portland

After a bounce back win at home, the Mavericks spoke to media

Portland Trail Blazers v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Following the 117-112 home win over the Portland Trailblazers, a number of Mavericks spoke to the media about the game. It was a big night for both Luka Doncic and Spencer Dinwiddie, as the backcourt mates helped the Mavericks pull past a very good Blazers team. Here’s what everyone had to say.

Jason Kidd

(On the team contributions tonight...)

“I thought Luka [Dončić] played great. Spencer [Dinwiddie] delivered there late. Timmy [Hardaway Jr.] off the bench and C-Wood [Christian Wood] off the bench were big. Doe [Dorian Finny-Smith] had some great looks there late. But just the trust factor to be able to throw it to Doe and Doe makes a big 3. But Spencer was big, too. He was going there. What was he? 6-for-8 from 3 – those were big shots there. [There were] a lot of good things that we learned from that road trip. I thought we played better. We gave up the lead but we kept fighting. And again, our defense was pretty good there at the end.”

(On Reggie Bullock’s minutes...)

“He’s playing. Again, we’re not just looking at the shots; we need him defensively. We had him in there and then we went small ball just to look at something different with Doe [Dorian Finney-Smith] playing the 5 that we saw last year that gave us a little spark. It was big for us tonight.”

(On the play of Luka Dončić following a tough road trip...)

“He had 42 – triple-double. Just a little walk in the park. He had an historic start – that’s something that is special. Nothing against what Wilt [Chamberlain] did but Wilt was playing against six feet or under. I’m joking. But he’s human. But again, I think losing two in a row and not playing well – I think the guys who’ve seen him the most, he’s always bounced back. And that’s what he did tonight. He could have easily taken the game off to get some rest, but he fought and put us in a position to win.”

Luka Doncic

(On his teammates knocking down shots late…)

“There’s a trust there with each other. I said after the game, I think it was Reggie [Bullock] that had an open shot, but he saw Doe-Doe [Dorian Finney-Smith] was more open. So, we got a great shot to a better shot. There’s just a trust that we have to have every game.”

(On maintaining trust with his teammates...)

“It’s easy, you know. Of course they can’t make every shot. But, if I draw the defense and attack the paint and then kick it out they may be open all game. Just keep shooting it. I always tell them to keep shooting it. When you’re open you’ve got to shoot it. That’s it. I’m going to keep my trust in them and that is pretty easy for me.”

(On getting to the free-throw line...)

“Just attacking the paint. You can see the last two games I wasn’t getting to the free throw line. And I wasn’t efficient because I wasn’t going to the lane. They foul a lot I think and I just had to get to the paint and from there we will just be aggressive.”

(On his 40-point triple-double...)

“It’s not routine. You saw the last two games when I really struggled. It’s nice to have.”

Christian Wood

(On missing the last two games and the team going 0-2…)

“Very frustrating. I always feel like I can be an X-factor, and help this team out, and help this team win games. But, we bounced back and beat a good team tonight.

(On adjusting to a new team…)

“It’s huge for us. I think our chemistry between me and Luka [Dončić] is getting better each time we play with each other on the floor. The more minutes we get with each other, the more we’re going to show people what we can do. It’s fun out there, everyone is starting to play together. We had a lot of open 3s today, some didn’t really go in, but the way we’re moving the ball and moving the ball as a team is big.”

Spencer Dinwiddie

(On his 3-pointers in the final minutes…)

“They trapped Luka [Dončić]. Luka does a phenomenal job of becoming a problem for their defense. Whether that’s back downs, pick and rolls, whatever it is. He gets two on the ball and makes the right read, right pass, and then we were just swing-swing it and found me and I was able to hit a couple of shots.”

(On being in the closing lineup...)

“You trust the work. You feel like you are prepared to shoot those shots. You step up and try to knock them down for the team. Whether you are in the closing lineup or not, obviously there is a certain level of pride in being there, but at the same time you trust your guys to get the W. But this is a marathon and everyone is going to contribute to our success in some form or fashion and you have to be prepared for that every night.”

Tim Hardaway Jr.

(On the team’s late-game execution…)

“I think it’s still early as everyone in the locker room has been saying, player-wise, we’re still getting our feet wet. But, before tonight’s game, two tough losses, now coming home to a great crowd, great environment. We rallied behind the fans and they gave us energy. And we just tried to do the best we can to limit their second-chance opportunities and do the best we can to make it hard on their guys to take tough shots. We’re just happy we came out with a victory.”

(On getting his rhythm back...)

“I mean, not yet. I feel like I am getting there a little bit. But at the same time it’s a process. I’m just happy that we got the victory. I’m happy that my guys trust me to be out there at the end of the game. I just try to do the best that I can to stay ready.”

(On having 5 assists...)

“I’m happy, but most importantly I’m looking at the plus-minus, you know plus-23, just trying to do whatever is necessary to win at this point. So we can turn that curve and forget about the last two games. Just try to have that mindset of coming into the game and having energy, picking up full court when I could, try to take charges when available for the opportunity to do so. And just continuing to shoot the ball when open. That’s all I can do right now at this point. Just try to be the best teammate I possibly can.”