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The Dallas Mavericks lose their fourth straight game

Not a shocking loss, but it puts Dallas under .500

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Milwaukee Bucks Michael McLoone-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks lost again on the road Sunday night and for the fourth time in four tries, this time to the Milwaukee Bucks, 124-115. It wasn’t a particularly surprising loss, given how good the Bucks are and given that it was the second night of a road back to back for the Maverick, but it put Dallas below .500 again this season and it left the Mavericks with more questions than answers.

Josh Bowe and I recorded this one before we saw Jason Kidd’s objectively bad comments following the game and that might’ve made things more lively. Instead, we talked about how the game was lost (on defense) and tried to take away some positives. The third quarter felt good, but again, that was before Jason Kidd all but decided that quarter was where the game was lost.

Of course, the Mavericks gave up 30 points in the opening six minutes of the game and Dallas gave up over 70 points in the first half again. This team has a lot to figure out because, as discussed, there isn’t any help coming. Tim Hardaway got a chance to start tonight and that didn’t help anything. It’s very maddening that unless Luka Doncic scores 30 points, the Mavericks aren’t going to win a game.

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