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Quote board: The Mavericks speak after winning their third straight game

Winning makes everything better

Toronto Raptors v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

The Dallas Mavericks beat the Toronto Raptors at home Friday night, 111-110, for their third straight victory. While the game got closer than many fans would like after an impressive third quarter, in the end the Mavericks held on for the victory which is what counts in the long run.

Luka Doncic

(On if he saw the rim on the play where he made the shot off one leg…)

”I think I made too many moves. I think I had him beat the first time but then the ball escaped a little bit. I don’t know what I did there, but it was a hard shot. I don’t know how I made it. I thought it was short, but it just went in.”

Spencer Dinwiddie

(Addressing his technical foul and displeasure at the process..)

“I would like to take the very first piece of this press conference and say I apologize to Tony Brothers for what seemed to keep him irate. He thought it was disrespectful. If you watch the games, and I know that’s what refs are supposed to do, you see I clap to get the attention of my teammates, things of that nature, but it was nothing personal, so as a man, I would like to say I’m sorry first and foremost.

“And secondarily I would like to say not only would I like my money back , but I would like to not be called a b—- a— motherf—er to my teammates.

“So if there’s anybody that feels that way about me — not naming any names — they can address me personally, face-to-face, because no swear words were used in the direction of anybody personally. It was like ‘Hey, that wasn’t a take foul’ or ‘That wasn’t a f—ing take foul’ or something like that, but it wasn’t anything that was personal.

“So NBA, I would definitely like my money back. I would appreciate no fine.”

(On Luka Dončić’s overall game tonight…)

“I mean, I used ‘savant’ last time to describe him, and he is in every sense of the word. Obviously tonight, 10-of-15 great shooting percentage, 3-of-6 , 12-of-14 from the line, 35 points and 6 assists, and obviously made them go to a box in one at different times of the game, and that’s the ultimate sign of respect for sure. Which he obviously has earned, now scoring 30 points in our first eight games. Phenomenal.”

(On Toronto’s defense…)

“I think that’s a credit to their coach, he’s a very smart coach and willing to try anything, throw anything at the wall to get a win. It’s a credit to him, but obviously when you’re box-in-one, that means you’re playing 4-on-4 on the back side, the dimension of the court are still the same. So, it means more space, so you can get by your man. Your man plays for Doe [Dorian Finney-Smith] and DP [Dwight Powell], that’s how I was able to get a couple of assists today, so that was a good thing.”

Jason Kidd

(On what Spencer Dinwiddie claims Tony Brothers called him…)

“Ew, that’s tough. I have to talk to Spencer. When you look at Tony and what he’s done in this league, as a referee who is well liked and one of the best that we have. So, I’m gonna see what happened here and talk to Spencer and find out exactly what happened. That’s a sensitive topic, we’ll see what happened.”

(On knowing that Dinwiddie was upset during the game…)

“No, there’s a lot going on during the game. I didn’t know when that took place, so I gotta go back and ask Spencer what play and what transpired in the situation in what was said and what happened, and we’ll go from there.”

(On watching and being impressed by Luka Dončić…)

“Yeah, he did a lot of things. He did one of those spin moves in front of me, when he split the double team, which was really kinda cool. Knowing that he surprises a lot of people, I wonder if he surprises himself sometimes with that spin move right in front of me. That was cool, but the one where he went through his legs eight times, he was doing his dance. He has that song that he plays, and when he shot that little floater, I just kinda chuckled because only he can do that. Thirty-five points tonight, efficient.

“I know he probably wants that free throw back when he missed to seal the game. He did everything tonight. He even, again this will go unnoticed, he let Spencer [Dinwiddie] go too. He went over there, when they were in the box-in-one, and he just stood there and watched. He did his part; he trusted his teammates. Spencer was big for us on the floor, but DP [Dwight Powell] was great, JaVale [McGee] was great, I know he didn’t play a lot minutes, he was really good. Our defense there for a stretch kinda looked connected, you’re talking about a team that scored 143/139 points, and we held them to 110. Big win against a hot team, a lot of good things.”

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