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A much needed Dallas Mavericks win over the New York Knicks

Dallas pulls back to .500

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at New York Knicks Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

After an embarrassing loss to the league-worst Detroit Pistons on Thursday, the Dallas Mavericks bounced back to win their second road game of the season, this time over the New York Knicks, 121-100.

Dallas looked characteristically terrible to start the game, with the Knicks threatening to blow them out in the first quarter. The second unit helped Dallas get things together in the second quarter and Dallas found themselves behind by seven at halftime. Luka Doncic and Tim Hardaway Jr. went nuts in the third, each outscoring the New York Knicks by themselves (19 for Doncic, 17 to Hardaway, and just 15 for New York). The Mavericks swung what was at one point a 15 point deficit to a 32 point lead. Dallas ended up winning by 21.

Josh Bowe and I got together after the win to talk about what we liked and didn’t and if there’s anything to take away. Despite some of the terrible losses, Dallas still has a pretty good point differential, which is a key indicator of how good a team actually is once we have enough games of sample size. Tim Hardaway finally hitting shots for the first time since the 2021 playoffs helps an awful lot and the big thing, if Dallas wants to turn it around with the team they have, is that the rest of the roster is also going to have to hit more shots. Spencer Dinwiddie being on fire covered up problems for a good chunk of the season.

All of this and more is covered on this latest postgame episode of Mavs Moneyball After Dark.

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