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The Dallas Mavericks city uniform rollout is a homespun slice of nostalgic goodness

The Mavs look good as they honor their origin story

The best-looking city edition jersey the Dallas Mavericks have ever rolled out coincides with a clever, feel-good retro campaign that captures the spirit of the Reunion Arena days. It is a triumph for the Mavs’ branding and social media teams.

First, the jersey. A blend of Brad Davis-era old school with enough modern flair to balance out the nostalgia. Too often, retro jerseys are too much of a throwback. This one pays homage to the past without being too much of a duplication. You can check out this sleek look at

The production value and creativity on display in the “Welcome to the Retroplex” video city edition jersey launch video are top-notch. Watching beloved Maverick announcers Mark Followill and Chuck Cooperstein in wide lapel plaid suits and seeing current Maverick players get their retro groove will make just about any MFFL smile.

The special effects work as well as the heart and soul on display is reason enough to watch the just-released behind-the-scenes video.

While the branding department hit a home run with this new city edition jersey, the Mavericks' social media department continues to do great work. After a quick survey of a few other random teams' social media efforts, it is readily apparent that the Mavs are cranking out content that is a step above what other NBA franchises are providing their fans.

The shows vary just enough to each have their own purpose. Tired of conventional morning shows? Go have fun with Bobby Karalla and company on Morning with the Mavs over on Twitch. It’s a blast. You can also check out the latest episodes of The Corner Three, Take Dat Wit You, Numbers on the Boards, The Ceiling is the Roof, and the always informative Film Room.