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Experience basketball up close at a Texas Legends game

Fans can get a front row seat to watch some of the Dallas Mavericks’ young players at a Legends game.

Birmingham Squadron v Texas Legends Photo by Tim Heitman/NBAE via Getty Images

Everyone loves going to see the Dallas Mavericks at the American Airlines Center. But it can get a little pricey, especially the closer you get to the court, and getting to downtown Dallas can be difficult for some people. Luckily, there’s another option for those in the Metroplex who want to see some professional basketball up close.

In sports-centric Frisco, Texas, basketball fans can see the Texas Legends play at Comerica Center. Just off the Dallas North Tollway, Comerica Center is easy to get to and has plenty of parking. With a wide concourse that encompasses the whole arena, getting around is no issue, even on nights when there’s a big crowd. There’s not a bad seat in the house, and once you’re settled in, you’re able to see some good basketball close up.

The basketball

If you’ve been following our updates on the Legends here, you already know that Mavericks rookie Jaden Hardy has been lighting it up for the Legends all year. Not only is playing in Frisco a chance for the young guard to get consistent minutes on the court, it’s a chance for fans to see him in action without having to sit in the nosebleeds at the American Airlines Center.

Seeing NBA players move and shoot up close gives fans a better perspective of how good these guys really are. If you’re close enough to the bench, you’ll be able to hear coach George Galanopoulos calling out plays and directing players on defense. You might even catch players encouraging each other or talking trash to opposing teams. Basketball obsessed fans will be in for a treat.

The atmosphere

The best word to describe the atmosphere at a Legends game is lively. There’s always an energetic crowd cheering on the team, and the DJ/MC ???? keeps things fun. On one end of the court is a play area with bounce houses and slides for kids to play, as well as a pop-up shop where fans can by Legends merchandise. On the other end is the Kids’ Zone, where goodwill ambassador Generous George and the Legends’ mascot Dunker lead kids in fun activities and games.

The entire arena smells like popcorn, which is charming and old school at the same time. Everywhere you look, people are having a good time. There are areas to stand and chat with friends, or some tables to stand and eat some food while watching the game. Here was my view while got some grub:

Ben Zajdel

Speaking of the food...

The food

Comerica Center has a great selection of food. There’s something for everyone. You can grab tacos, gourmet burgers from an Irish pub, or pulled pork from a barbecue stand. I love hotdogs, though, so I had to go with The Big Kid from the hotdog stand. It lived up to its name.

Hotdog with a lot of mac and cheese, bacon, and relish.
The Big Kid
Ben Zajdel

The Big Kid is a grilled hotdog covered in mac-and-cheese, chopped bacon, Fritos, and sweet relish. The savory taste of the frank and the bacon balanced with the creaminess of the mac-and-cheese and the sugary relish made it one of my favorite hotdogs I’ve had anywhere.

Have a sweet tooth? There’s also plenty of desserts, like Dippin’ Dots or funnel cake fries. They’ve got a little of everything, including staples like nachos and popcorns. Bring that picky eater, because they’re guaranteed to find something they like.

Between the basketball, fun, and food, you’re going to have a good time at a Texas Legends game. If you’re looking for a way to get out of the house, avoid the cold North Texas weather, and enjoy some good basketball, you’ll be in for a treat.