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Spencer Dinwiddie’s Unusual $1 Championship Bonus

A unique contractual addition

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NBA: Washington Wizards at Philadelphia 76ers Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Spencer Dinwddie has a somewhat uniquely structured contact, compared to his peers, but on top of that he also has a really fascinating and fun incentive.

In August, when he signed his new deal, addition made headlines. It stipulates that he gets a bonus of $1 for his team winning the NBA Championship. In an interview with Fred Katz of The Athletic, Dinwiddie himself called the incentive “the most unique bonus in my contract.”

If a trivial $1 for a championship bonus wasn’t off-the-wall enough for you, then we can take it one step farther. At his introductory press conference with the Wizards he was asked by Chris Miller of NBC Sports Washington how he would like his $1 when he wins the championship. Dinwiddie responded, “You know, let’s keep it freaky. Go 100 pennies, why not?”

If the Mavericks win the championship with Dinwiddie, let’s hope Mark Cuban has to make a trip to the bank or scrounge his house and couch cushions to find 100 pennies.

That thought alone is worth a dollar.