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Josh Green made a jaw-dropping pass against the Miami Heat

The Mavericks young, chaos-fueled player dropped quite the dime Miami.

Dallas Mavericks v Miami Heat Photo by Joseph Guzy/NBAE via Getty Images

Sometimes when you’re watching an NBA game, a player will do something so delightful, so unexpected, that all you can do as a reaction is make a sound. Just a pure, primal reaction.

Josh Green elicited such a sound from myself Tuesday night in the Mavericks wildly impressive road win against the Miami Heat. Green had a fun game, all things considered — eight points, three assists, four rebounds and two three pointers — but his pass in the fourth quarter to Jalen Brunson for a three pointer was, well, Luka Doncic-like.

It’s impressive the way Green contorts his body to make the pass, making it feel like he’s curling the ball to Brunson in the corner, who thankfully canned the three so Green could get the assist. Hell, he wasn’t even looking directly at Brunson before he made the play, which really amped up its Luka-ness even more.

This isn’t that uncommon for Green. Despite not having a steady spot in the rotation all season, Green seems to make one great pass for every 30 minutes he plays. He did this earlier in the season and Green’s passing appears to be legit and not some fleeting fad.

Green wasn’t the star of the night — that honor rightfully belonged to Maxi Kleber — but this pass will rumble around my brain for the rest of the season. Who knows how good Green is going to become in his NBA career, but his path will certainly be entertaining to watch one way or another.

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