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Luka Doncic shares stories and wisdom with Make-A-Wish children

This got me in the heart

Dallas Mavericks v New Orleans Pelicans Photo by Layne Murdoch Jr./NBAE via Getty Images

When Luka Doncic joined the Dallas Mavericks on draft day in 2018, one of the things which stood out was how bright his smile was, how happy he seemed, and it filled me with a great sense of joy.

Watching him spend a part of his day Wednesday speaking with children who are a part of Make-A-Wish moved me in a way I wasn’t prepared for.

Of course, Doncic and the entire Dallas organization do a ton of charitable work every week, we try to cover it as we can, but I’ve mainly seen photos or video that doesn’t always capture the personal interactions that come with these events.

He speaks about getting drafted and what a dream come true that was. I’m sure he’s talked about this before, but his earnest smile as he answers these questions is a solid reminder of how amazing a player and person he really is. The story about his first in game dunk was just a delight, his excitement for basketball is still so palpable. The kids ask amazing questions, so I really recommend taking the time to watch the five minute clip.

Doncic is slowly opening up this year. His interactions and openness with the media are more friendly and he’s more self-deprecating. He’s always answered questions well enough, but there’s usually been a minimalist aspect to just doing what he has to with the media and that’s all. I really hope we continue to see more of Luka’s real personality and I love how willing he is to give his time to bringing joy to others.