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MMB Lounge: Standings Watch!

Scoreboard watching is in full effect

Dallas Mavericks v Boston Celtics Photo by Chris Marion/NBAE via Getty Images

Thanks to the alert of BeachDrifter, we have another MMB Lounge. Best way to let me know if via email, I try not to dip into the comments during the day, lest I never get any work done. Here’s the previous version.

We’re now thick in the point of the year, with the Mavericks sitting in the five spot as of this writing, where we’re consistently checking the scores night in and out. Dallas has a chance to climb up but they’re both going to need to win their own games AND hope that Utah stumbles significantly. It’s quite the race down to the wire, with the Nuggets hanging out and the Wolves lurking. The two-three match up is interesting too, with the Warriors finally showing some signs of life after several weeks of bumbling around.

What are y’all looking for the next several weeks? I’ll be hoping Jalen Brunson finds a little more confidence and that Maxi Kleber gets some easy buckets.