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Boban Marjanovic on the upcoming playoffs and all things coziness

I spoke with the Dallas Mavericks big man about the playoffs and his new role with Big Blanket Co.

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Nicest basketball player in the world. Huge dude. Dallas Mavericks backup center. Bobi. All of these are things people have called Boban Marjanovic. But now, a new title has emerged for the basketball-playing enigma that is Boban. You can now refer to him as Chief Coziness Officer.

Boban has recently joined up with Big Blanket Co (a company known for making huge, soft blankets) and has taken on the role of Chief Coziness Officer. I talked with Boban to get a feel for the team as they look forward to a (hopefully) deep playoff run, and also about all things coziness. Let’s get right into it.

The big topic surrounding the Mavericks right now is the playoffs. They’ve already proven they can beat any team they want in the regular season, now they have to prove it on the biggest stage. The playoffs aren’t a new concept for Boban, who’s about to make his fifth trip to the NBA postseason. His first couple of go-arounds were with the Spurs and Sixers, and his last two have been with the Mavs. My first question for Boban was about the vibes of this team specifically heading into the postseason.

“It’s great vibes to be there because we play for this,” Boban told me. “It doesn’t matter how somebody plays. It’s important if we win at the end of the game. This is the fun part. The fun part is every time you step on the court, but in the playoffs, when you come and you feel that energy, [the most you have is] seven games and the least is four games to do one thing. You try to learn everything about them, about the players, how you can adjust. It’s really fun. The whole part. I’m looking forward to it.”

We then talked about the push for home-court advantage and how important that is.

Boban mentioned two games most basketball fans would consider extremely important in a seven-game series: the first game and the last game, both of which get to be played at your home arena if you have home-court advantage.

“You want to play in front of your crowd [where] you have the energy going,” Boban explained to me. “We need every single person in the arena when that happens because they give us energy. It’s like having six players on the court. It’s like one player more for us if you count the fans.”

Boban went on to describe what I think is the most underrated part of having home-court advantage: the actual home part of it. “You get to sleep in your bed, eat your food, you’re around your family,” Boban said.

The familiarity of everything at home can’t be underestimated. It’s all about being cozy during the time off the court. In his new role as Chief Coziness Officer for Big Blanket Co, Boban is making sure the entire Dallas Mavericks Organization is as cozy as possible.

Prior to the game against the Lakers, Boban gave his teammates and coaches some gifts. Here’s Boban and Jalen Brunson posing with JB’s new blanket (still in the box).

After this act of kindness and coziness, I began to wonder if Boban is also the Chief Coziness Officer for the Dallas Mavericks. As far as I know, that’s a position that has never been filled. Boban joked with me that I’d have to ask his teammates, saying it’s not up to him to decide. But after gifting the entire team with blankets large enough for the whole family, it’s hard to imagine anyone else would take the role over him.

Not only did Boban gift the whole team with blankets, but he also told me, “When somebody feels so bad, I’m there to hug him.”

Is there a better teammate in the world than him? I doubt it. He gives blankets and hugs, two essential parts of life. “We can rest in the blankets and get ready for the playoffs,” said Boban.

The most important part of my conversation with Boban came when I asked him to provide me with his top three coziness tips for Mavs fans. His main tips:

  1. Use a blanket from Big Blanket Co (obviously)
  2. Have some good snacks
  3. Not too much alcohol

Boban was laughing while running through those, but it’s hard to argue against his tips. That combination seems quite nice.

Finally, I closed by asking Boban a question that had been weighing heavily on me: If the blankets are big enough for Boban, are they too big for me? I’m not short, but I’m also not 7-foot-4 like the Chief Coziness Officer. (Editor’s note: I own three. They are my favorite thing I purchased over the pandemic.)

“It’s perfect for every height,” Boban told me through laughter. “But maybe [if you] need to play hide and seek, this would be good.”

As the Dallas Mavericks gear up for the playoffs, at least we know they won’t be uncomfortable while resting. They have the Chief Coziness Officer in their corner.

If you’re interested in a blanket endorsed by the Chief Coziness Officer, head to and use code “BOBAN25” for $25 off.