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You need this Dallas Mavericks gear

Get new Mavericks gear and get ready to advance in the playoffs

Now that I’m back in the Dallas area, one thing I get asked repeatedly is “are you going to cover the game in American Airlines Center?” I’ve yet to go as media for two reasons. The first is that I want to go my son’s after school activities and those run right into game time. The second is that it’s frowned upon in an extreme way to wear team gear and that makes up an embarrassing amount if my wardrobe.

Like, for example, this Homage gear, of which I own and wear at least 75% of their Dallas clothing.

I can’t express to you how much I love Homage gear. It’s all extremely comfortable, looks great, and they have a wide variety of options, including things well beyond the NBA and basketball. Do we have a partnership with them? Yes, but as the saying goes, I’m not just a spokesman, I’m also a client. I mean look at this stuff!

Infomercial guy voice But wait, there’s more! While you should of course go visit their site and shop around, you should also head over to this amazing NBA Jam giveaway page and sign up to win a home console, a shirt, and more. Have you seen their NBA Jam shirts? I own both a Nash/Dirk shirt and a Luka/KP shirt (whomp whomp).

Go to Homage. Buy some of the most unique and best feeling Mavs gear out there. It’s playoff time after all, time to represent.