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Social media’s reaction to Dallas’ Game 7 victory over Phoenix

We had fun

NBA: Playoffs-Dallas Mavericks at Phoenix Suns Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks completed a historic Game 7 beatdown of the Phoenix, handing them a 123-90 shellacking that wasn’t even as close as that score would indicate. Under their own roof, no less. So, unsurprisingly, the unmassed hoards of Twitter — MFFLs and NBA riff raff alike — had a night with it. Here’s a sampling of some of our staff’s favorites from the entertaining night.

The NBA Players

Luka has elicited some fun reactions from his coworkers in the past with some of his stupendous performances. Luka got his share of love from the League, but there was plenty of head nods to go around. Including from his nemesis, Patrick Beverly.

The Media

Before tipoff in game one, talking heads were tripping over themselves to pick Phoenix to win the series. Those calls only grew louder as Phoenix raced out to a two-game lead. Some even doubled down on their “Phoenix in 4. No, 5... wait 6. 7 for sure!” takes as the Mavericks battled back and the series wound on, so, of course, there was plenty of crow to be eaten. Perhaps the loudest (and only) national media member getting in front of a camera to pick Dallas was ESPN’s Nick Wright, and he was taking plenty of victory laps after the game. Some on the TNT crew had seen the light and picked Dallas to take Game 7. Chuck was the lone holdout who stuck with the Suns. The kiss of death.


I will not look at art the same way again.

The Airport

You know it’s a beatdown when even the airports are throwing shade.

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