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Dallas Mavericks tell TMZ photo of Luka drinking beer is old

Which is too bad really. The idea of Luka have a lunch time beer and dropping 40 points is amazing.

A photo started circulating social media Wednesday afternoon, showing Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic consuming what appears to be a light beer in an outdoor, daytime setting.

Because Twitter is an environment where jokes prevail over facts, once the photo started to make the rounds, it eventually ended up at TMZ, who reached out to the Dallas Mavericks to ask if the photo was, in fact, from today.

“Luka, according to a Mavs spokesperson, has been in the training room all morning gearing up for the first game of the Western Conference Finals — not getting a buzz on at a restaurant” says the TMZ report.

But it’s simply too funny not to write about, since sports is supposed to be fun. The jokes just kept coming.

Chris Paul: Vegetarian, 5:30am workouts!

Luka Doncic: Only TWO afternoon light beers before the Western Conference finals.

One commenter referred to the beer as part of Luka’s new plant based diet. Another suggested we needed an Air Huka shirt immediately (we do). I’ve thought that if the Mavericks win the championship this year, it’ll prove that Luka does not actually need to show up to camp in pristine shape after all. But again, these are all jokes.

The Mavericks play the Warriors tonight at 8 pm CST and Luka Doncic will likely save his first beer of the day until AFTER they’ve won game one.

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