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Early indications show Mavericks with offseason interest in free agent Zach LaVine, per Marc Stein

And the pursuit of Rudy Gobert is unlikely

Chicago Bulls v Utah Jazz Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

The most recent edition of Marc Stein’s Substack newsletter indicates the Dallas Mavericks are interested in pursuing Chicago free agent Zach LaVine in the off-season. According to his sources:

As much as Cuban and GM Nico Harrison have openly acknowledged a pressing need to bolster their rim protection and rebounding, Dallas sees LaVine as the sort of player who could fill other crucial needs with his ability to both play off Dončić as a long-range shooter and likewise collapse defenses by slashing to the basket to score.

First, you should really subscribe to Marc’s Substack. It’s great, and he’s great. The entire post delves into the opportunities and challenges of building around a generational player in Luka Doncic. Stein’s longtime relationships with the organization get him the kind of access and off-the-record information we can’t.

Additionally, he gets into why the Mavericks are not as hot-to-trot for Rudy Gobert as previously reported. Front line help is something we all agree the Mavericks need, but as frustrating as it is to lose rebounding battles in individual games, Dallas made it as far as they did in the playoffs without winning rebounding totals most nights.

The front office has a lot to do this summer or at least a lot of things to consider. Dallas doesn’t have any clear path to a Zach LaVine but the entire point of bringing in someone like Nico Harrison was because of his established relationships. It’s time to see what this new team can do.

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