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Dorian Finney-Smith’s historic night

Another day, another big game

2022 NBA Playoffs - Phoenix Suns v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

Dorian Finney-Smith had a great Game 4.

Each of his eight three point makes felt huge, because they were. His 5 offensive rebounds led to nine second chance points. Those nine second chance points? Three Finney-Smith 3-pointers. If you felt like this was an amazing game by Finney-Smith I think you might still be surprised with just how good it was.

Offensive rebounds and made 3-pointers are a great barometer for the impact Dorian Finney-Smith is making on the offensive side. His defense has been relentless but his “Hustle and 3” offense makes the Mavericks a much more dangerous team.

Here are all the times players have had five or more offensive rebounds and five or more threes made in NBA playoff history.

So that’s just eight times ever. When you lower to standard to only four of each statistic the list of game only grows 54 players. This was a special performance from Finney-Smith that in adding the two stats together, he tied for the most ever recorded offensive rebounds plus threes made in NBA Playoff history (with at least two of each category).

Here are the top four

Tied with 13 made threes plus offensive rebounds in a playoff game

  • Jamal Murray nine three pointers made and four offensive rebounds Game 4 against Utah in 2020
  • Dorian Finney Smith eight three pointers made and five offensive rebounds Game 4 against Phoenix in 2022

Tied at 12 made threes plus offensive rebounds in a playoff game

  • Jaren Jackson Jr. six three pointers made and six offensive rebounds in Game 1 against Golden State in 2022
  • Scottie Pippen three three pointers made and nine offensive rebounds in Game 4 against the Lakers in 1999

So Dorian’s game wasn’t just amazing. For the playoffs it was historically unique. No one has ever made eight or more threes and grabbed five or more off rebounds in the playoffs until yesterday.

Even including the regular season, the list only adds twos games.

  • Aaron Baynes in a March 2020 game
  • Danny Green in a January 2021 game

Both hit nine threes and grabbed six offensive rebounds for an absurd 16 total in those two categories.

Here are Finney-Smith’s historical numbers in these two categories

And to put it perspective of just this postseason. Here’s a comparison between what Finney-Smith did in Game 4 versus what he did in the entire series against Utah.

If the Mavs are to win Game 5 Tuesday in Phoenix. They’ll need a big offensive impact from Dorian Finney-Smith. Not as other worldly as he was Sunday, but his “hustle and 3” offense can go a long way in propelling the Mavs to go up 3-2.

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