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5 Things to buy for a Mavericks fan

Because everyone needs more Dallas Mavericks gear.

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2022 NBA Playoffs - Dallas Mavericks v Golden State Warriors Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

If you’re anything like me, you have an obnoxious amount of Dallas Mavericks gear. For example, my office features a framed jersey that Luka Doncic signed, six pieces of Mavericks wall art, a pennant, the Great Nowitzki and four Funko pops.

Then there’s the sheer volume of clothing. I have probably six Mavericks hoodies or warm up jackets, ten or more t-shirts, and even one of those crazy pairs of Mitchell and Ness game shorts. I even have three or four Dallas Mavericks tumblers and wine glasses.

The point is, I have a lot of stuff that is Mavericks related and I cannot help myself from buying more.

We’re partnering with Target to point you in the direction of a few more products you might want. Let’s take a gander.

Cornhole board

Let’s start big, shall we? This kind of ridiculous thing is just the sort of item a hardcore fan needs to have on hand. We’ve just finished a backyard renovation project and ... I may need to find a way to get this. It’s a solid wood set and a really nice use of Dallas colors on the board.

Team hat

This one’s simple. The bright blue dad hat with the bold Mavericks logo with an adjustable Velcro back. Many of the hats I see these days at Lids and such (and the Mavericks hat club) are really cool, but probably too cool for me, an old person. This one suits me.


There’s no shortage of Mavericks t-shirts, but the gradient on this one is fun. So many of the shirts that I have are just basic navy or white, so something like this adds variety.

Water bottle

Click it and go look at this now. I love this logo design. Like that sort of thing needs to be on way more Maverick products. This is also a very good actual water bottle, not just a pretty face.

Jersey blanket

This one’s a good product if you need something to close out a room or have a kid who loves the Mavericks. A throw blanket like this is a great gift for any diehard Mavericks fan too.

Well, there we have it, some recommended Dallas Mavericks products through a partnership with Target. Go give those a looksee and consider buying!

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