Developing Guards/Wings - A Jason Kidd Strength

If I am the Mavs front office this draft, I accumulate as many freaky talented/uber potential, "raw" guard and wing players as I can, starting with the 26th pick of this draft. In the Carlisle era, I would have ran far away from such a player, but I cannot help but notice how masterful Jason Kidd is at developing skills in guards/wing players. We all know how instrumental Kidd was in developing modern day Giannis but putting him at point guard and improving his guard skills including passing.

I cannot help but notice how wonderful Brunson has been this year vs last year, Dinwiddie in Dallas vs Washington, Finney Smith (who arguably has been good all along) continuing his great 3D mold, Bullock turning into a defensive centerpiece in the playoffs, Frank putting in useful spot minutes, Josh Green becoming kind of serviceable versus absolute garbage last year. There are just too many examples here to not give Kidd and the staff credit.

As much as we need a big man, I think we should play to our strengths and take a swing on wings in the draft/FA in the years to come, fill out the rotation with cost-effective bigs that are cheap, and see what happens.

Practically, I am more okay than most in this draft with taking players with tools who might be risks like: Patrick Baldwin, Marjon Beauchamp, Jaden Hardy, Dalen Terry. Like can you think of a better Kidd guard prospect than Jaden Hardy (hated on because of his inefficiency, but oozing with talent and once thought to be top 5 in this class).

Also perfectly okay with: Wendell Moore, Jake Laravia, and the like. Would fit in right away in our rotation.

I do NOT want: Koloko, Kessler etc. Also no to Gobert, Ayton, or any big money big. Let's fill out our roster with cheap serviceable bigs and not get drawn into the backwards NBA. We have the perfect hypermodern player in Luka and shot a million 3s last year, lets lean in towards the modernity. We literally just need SOME bigs who can play some D an grab some boards (we literally have no one), not an elite one necessarily.

What do you guys think?

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